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When the rain falls


I said in my earlier blog, nature has a lot to teach us if we pay attention. I was meditating on the rain the other day during my morning devotion, yes I believe in God, gist for another day. Anyway I suddenly realised, it rains on both the rich and the poor; the sick and the healthy; the troubled and the peaceful; the married and the divorced…. You get my drift. The rain makes no discrimination, well that’s how life is too. My wealth or lack of it cannot prevent my mind from mental health issues, uncurable sickness, etc. but just like when the rain falls the rich has a really strong umbrella to protect him/her from the rain, likewise being deliberate to guard your mind , your thoughts is important to living a healthy and fruitful life; it doesn’t mean no troubles, because we see it falls on all, but your handling will be different because you have the right umbrella to navigate through the rain.

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